Orientation Determination

Input/Output data description


The input/output data is expected in hdf5 format, and the glossary can be found below. Orientation determination module is responsible for reading in and writing out in the format specified below.

orient_out_<7 digit ID>.h5 (Output HDF glossary)

Field name Description Data type Units
data/data Diffraction volume in 3D array (dimX x dimY x dimZ) Float  
data/angle Most likely orientation Float  
data/center center of diffraction volume x,y,z Int pixels
params/ Parameters used for coherent diffraction    
params/info Input for orientation determination program and version String  
history/ Information about input data    
info/ Information    
misc/ Miscellaneous information    
version hdf5 format version Float 0.1

Diagnostics of reconstructed 3D diffraction volume

EMC reconstruction parameters..